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A dilapidation survey or a pre construction condition survey will quickly resolve arguments & minimise your valuable money and time lost in arguing about building damage. A detailed dilapidation survey report will also avoid potential legal fees incurred to address any building damage claim. Click here to see our list of Clients.

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Pre Construction Condition Survey

Pre Construction Condition Survey

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Dilapidation Survey or Pre Construction Condition Survey

  1. What is a Dilapidation Survey?

Dilapidation Survey is also known as a pre construction condition survey in Malaysia (or sometimes called structural survey). A dilapidation survey done by a Professional Building Surveyor is an inspection of the existing structural condition of of the surrounding buildings and structures before the commencement of a demolition, construction or development. All prominent defects in the form of cracks, settlement, movement, water seepage, spalling concrete, distortion, subsidence and other building defects will be recorded in photographs together with notes.

A Post-Construction Condition Survey will highlight any building defects that have occurred (or caused by the construction works) since the first survey, or after a construction.

  1. When a Professional Dilapidation Survey Report is required?

A dilapidation survey or pre-construction survey shall be conducted by a Professional Building Surveyor to the existing condition of all the adjoining buildings, including infrastructures before the commencement of demolition, excavation, piling, construction, renovation or before taking over a superstructure work

For Contractors & Developers:

  • Before you carry out any excavation, piling works, demolition, renovation or construction of a new development. A formal dilapidation survey can save you from thousands or millions of dollars claim from third parties.

For Property Owners:

  • Before renovation, alteration & addition (A & A), demolition, construction or reconstruction work carried out at your neighbouring areas.

  • Before any underground construction works carried out in the surrounding areas of your property.

In a post construction condition survey, an building inspection and a comparison will be made against the dilapidation survey/ pre-construction condition survey.

  1. What is the purpose of a Dilapidation Survey?

The purpose of dilapidation surveys or pre construction condition survey is to provide an accurate record, pre construction and post construction works, of the condition of the buildings. While it is not expected that neighbouring construction will cause damage to any building, the survey is undertaken as a precautionary measure.

The survey report done by a Professional Building Surveyor will assist the building owners, contractors and developers in the event of a claim for damage, as the dilapidation survey report provides written documentation on the pre construction condition of the property.

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