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A Building Survey Report will let you know who is responsible for the building damage or building defects. Our Building Surveyors will recommend for appropriate remedial works to put the defects right.

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Landlord & Tenant Matters

  1. What Is A Landlord/ Tenant Matter (Dilapidation)?

Disputes between landlords and tenants are commonplace and often relate to the state of repair of leased properties. The term 'dilapidation' denotes a condition of disrepair which has been caused or allowed to develop in a property, and which will involve the person responsible in legal liabilities.

  • This survey is normally apply to Leased properties only, and can be carried out during the lease or at the end of a lease.

  • The survey notes the present condition of the leased properties along with what work is required to return the properties to their previous condition.

  • The tenant can engage their own surveyors to carry out the surveys should they believe the landlords to be unfair.

  • P-CON Building Surveyors Sdn. Bhd. can act for either the Landlord or Tenant.

The person whose acts of omission or commission have caused such dilapidation, is usually one with a limited interest in the property, such as a tenant under a lease. The tenant's neglect to keep the property in repair will have detrimental consequences for those who are to take it over (the landlord or another tenant) when the current lease ends. A lease usually contains a number of terms and conditions agreed upon between the landlord and tenant. Among the terms and conditions are those by the tenant who shall keep and deliver up the properties in repair. The tenant may however expressly covenant 'to repair the premises and to yield them up in good substantial repair and condition'.

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