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Our Building Surveyors will record the condition of a building before a tenancy in a pre-leasing building survey. A pre leasing condition survey can save a tenant from a large amount of claim. A pre leasing building survey report is a good evidence for a property owner making a claim on building damage or building defects.

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Pre-Leasing Condition Survey

  1. Who need a Pre-Leasing Condition Survey?

If you are a building owner or a prospective tenant.

  1. What is Pre-Leasing Condition Survey?

A pre-leasing condition survey done by Professional Building Surveyors from P-CON Building Surveyors Sdn. Bhd. is to review the condition of all elements, including the structure and the finishes of a building. The condition of a building will be recorded in photographs together with notes and comments on specific defects.

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, if you are a party to a lease, then there will be specific repairing duties and liabilities to be aware of. Before taking on a lease it is important to commission a Professional Building Surveyor to prepare a schedule of condition, in order to record the condition of the property and thus potentially mitigate repairing obligations and claims you may incur at the end of the lease.

  1. When a Pre-leasing Condition Survey is required?

The pre-leasing building condition survey shall be conducted prior to a tenancy.

For Property Owners:

  • Before you rent out your property to a new tenant.

For Tenants:

  • Before you rent a property from building owner, e.g. room, house, shophouse, commercial units, etc. (although you only rent in part of a building).

  • A pre-leasing condition survey can save you from a large amount of claim.

The post-leasing property condition survey will be undertaken at the conclusion of tenancy, if required, or when there is a dispute on building damage / defects.

  1. What is the purpose of a Pre-leasing Condition Survey?

If you are a Property Owner:

  • To allow you to claim the tenant if there is any major damage / defects caused by the tenant.

If you a tenant:

  • To protect yourself from future allegations of damage / defects. You need to know what costs you might face. And it would be good evidence later if your building owner tries to make you pay for work you don't think is justified.

The purpose of the surveys is to provide an accurate record, pre and post-leasing, of the original condition of the property. While it is not expected that new tenant will cause damage to a building / property, the building survey is undertaken as a precautionary measure.

The building survey will assist the building owners or the tenants in the event of a claim for damage, as the Professional Building Surveyor’s survey report provides written documentation on the pre-leasing condition of the property.

In a post-leasing condition survey, an inspection and a comparison will be made against the pre-leasing condition survey.

If you are a tenant, you are responsible for repairs. A lease will normally need you to maintain the property in good repair and possibly put it in good repair if it is a bad state at the outset. Occasionally the lease may say you do not have to return the premises to the building owner at the end of the lease in better condition than they were at the beginning. In all cases, you need clear evidence of the condition of the building when you took it on. A building survey provides this. A schedule of building condition attached to the lease at the outset is your safeguard for later.

The damage / defects would end up cost you hundred over times of the cost of a pre-leasing survey done by a Registered Building Surveyor.

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